Please disregard again all the previously uploaded 18-E and 18-A forms.Sorry for the inconvenience.These sample forms are password-protected to avoid changes in A3 size,other than that,it's open for editing purposes.Any other feedback,please let us know ASAP.TY.
The following are the corrections we made in the forms below based from your feedback, if the following still occurs, please let us know.
1. Names centered, now on the left side.
2. LRN error, now corrected.
3. Final Rating in two decimal places, now in thousandths place except for Grade 7.
4. Grades IV-VI Form (Back Page), instructions were the same as Grades I-III, now corrected.
5. Form 18-A in MAKABAYAN with automatic computation, now blank.
6. Form 137- no surname, now corrected.
7. Form 137 - Region IV, now Region IV-A CALABARZON
8. Form 137 - No indicator of Form 137 in the upper left, now with indicator.
9. Form 18 - Numbered before, now unnumbered.
10. Locked for editing, now unlocked for editing except for the column, rows and size of the paper (A3).
11. Summary of Pupils Enrolled(Back page) - space for encoding is too small, now edited.
12. Summary of Pupils Enrolled(Back Page) - automatic rounding off, now edited.
13. Automatic computation of Average Age of Pupils, automatic computation now deleted.
14. 18-E for Grades II-VI, final rating set in tenths place only, now in thousandths place.

Note: These are sample forms. If you have other means of computing, feel free but please strictly follow the guidelines indicated in Division Memorandum No. 27-30. Thank you for your feedback that made these forms refined and almost perfect. Credit is given to Ms. Aivie Abracia of Talipan NHS.

If you plan to print these forms using long bond paper, kindly set first the paper to 8x13 then use the page set-up to adjust its scaling percentage (more or less 55%) to fit 8x13 paper.

February 2013